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How the Affordable Care Act Will Affect Medicare Supplemental Insurance

The Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) is set to roll out starting January, 2014.

With these changes on the horizon there is much anticipation and concern amongst seniors as to whether this new healthcare reform will affect their Medicare coverage.


The Affordable Care Act will not affect anyone enrolled in Medicare. The federal Medicare program and Medicare supplement plans are separate from Obamacare and thus, will remain unaffected.

The benefits for Medicare and Medicare supplemental insurance will remain the same, the enrollment periods and the process of enrolling in Medicare and Medicare supplements will also remain the same.


Although there have been debates as to whether the new law will positively or negatively affect Medicare, the truth is that there will be no negative impacts on your Medicare coverage as a result of the new healthcare reforms.

Seniors will actually receive a few more benefits as a result of the program. As of January, 2014 Medicare beneficiaries will receive more preventative service benefits like a yearly “wellness visit,” and mammogram and colorectal screenings.

The only difference that the senior population may experience (and it doesn’t relate to Medicare) is an increase in prices for prescription drug coverage for higher-income seniors. This is the one difference that only some seniors will face after the health reforms are passed. Most seniors who are in the lower income bracket will notice a decrease in their prescription drug coverage as a result.

This is all in reference to any short term changes in the way Medicare will be run.  Any long term effects are not something we can really predict.

If you still are curious about how the Affordable Care Act will affect your Medicare coverage, call one of our agents to discuss what your health care options are for 2014: (866) 894-3258

If there are any changes to the law that will effect seniors in Pennsylvania we will be sure to post them promptly to our homepage at pennsylvaniamedicaresupplementquotes.com.

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